Skyrim is something I will never get sick of. I love the fact it’s an open ended game where I can wander around picking flowers and crafting. However, this is also the reason I have yet to beat the game. I’m pretty sure I’m only about a quarter of the way through the main story line. But in the end you should just enjoy the game, right? Play it how you like to! You can catch me streaming Skryim on Twitch!

Fallout is another love of mine, which is exactly like Skyrim but less dragons. One of the more recent versions of Fallout 4 I adore for the mere fact I can have a dog as a pet during the game. If a game gives me the option of having a pet, I’m gonna have a pet dammit!

And to go into a completely different direction as the last two, I also enjoy playing SIMs and Civilization. The whole concept of world building and having to keep track of multiple characters and communities really is cool to me, and I definitely will randomly start one of these up when I have a day with nothing to do.

As for a game I plan on playing in the near future and probably will stream my progress. I hope to get through all three Witcher games since I completely love the Netflix series and am definitely doing the Witcher fandom wrong by going backwards. But hey, everyone should be able to enjoy their fandoms the way they want to!

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