Meatball Biscuit Bombs

Finally, I am out of tubes of biscuits by making this recipe! I want to say I won’t make that mistake again of going crazy and buying a ton of biscuits when on clearance but I’ll be honest, I’ll probably do it again. Something I always have in my freezer is frozen meatballs because theyContinue reading “Meatball Biscuit Bombs”

A Dream of the Time I Forgot – Chapter 2.2

Previous Chapter LINK HERE Chapter 2.2 – December 2016 – Sarah I wasn’t sure what to wear, so I put on some nice pants and a shirt thinking it’d be a hip coffee shop or brunch spot, but I felt completely overdressed for the dive when we arrived. Eloise looked right at home, but IContinue reading “A Dream of the Time I Forgot – Chapter 2.2”

A Dream of the Time I Forgot – Chapter 2.1

Start from the Beginning HERE! Chapter 2.1 – December 2016 – Sarah My parents finally left Jamesport. They were both retired so it’s not like they missed a ton of work while I went through physical therapy at the hospital. However, even though I had been released from the hospital for a month, they stillContinue reading “A Dream of the Time I Forgot – Chapter 2.1”

Turkey and Portobello Stroganoff

My family is a bit Eastern European and we love a good hearty meal every once in a while. Since its super hot right now in South Carolina, mid-July, I was craving one of my favorite meals Stroganoff, but didn’t want it to be quite as heavy and didn’t want to have the oven on for a long period of time heating up the house. So I converted it to a Turkey Stroganoff that will fully cook on the stovetop.

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

As a child the only way I’d eat Broccoli was when it was smothered in Cheese. As an adult I love it any way, but I’m still nostalgic for Broccoli covered in Cheese!
Tonight I needed something easy to make and got a rotisserie chicken on sale, so I figured I’d combine everything with pantry items to make some delicious and easy dinner!

Banana Coconut Bread

So this was a request by the bf that I make his mom’s Banana Coconut Bread and I got a photo of a cookbook recipe. I have no idea what book its from, so I’m sorry for not giving proper credit, and I only got the list of ingredients so I just had to wing the rest of the directions. I had to modify a couple ingredients as well since I didn’t have regular milk and only had almond milk. He ended up really loving how it turned out. For me it was a bit thicker and denser than normal Banana Bread for me but he said it turned out just like how his mom makes it, so I take that as a win!