Dream Sequence of the Time I Forgot. Ch. 8

I sat in a dive coffee shop at 2am sipping a black coffee and eating a crumbly blueberry scone that was nearly too stale to eat. This was the third crappy dive cafe I sat in in the middle of the night three nights straight. I had my most recent Thomas journal in front of me, I had taken to writing my newest attempts to finding Cole in him as I clearly did previously. Plus I could use it for reference for various people I mentioned over the past three years that frequented the various coffee shops. According to the Thomas journal it took me a year of stalking – I caved and called it what it was – before Cole also caved and started talking to me. If the Thomas journals are real, then apparently Cole has magic and wiped my memories about four times before he took the hint that I’d keep on showing up. Guess I haven’t changed that much. No one on the previous two nights had heard of Cole or knew him when I showed them his picture. I began to wonder if maybe he wiped their memories too, or if the Thomas journals were just entirely made up gibberish. Though some of it must have been true. Could magic actually exist? I hunched over my coffee and yawned. I was starting to think this was a huge waste of time. I closed my eyes for what seemed just a moment when the bell of the front door chimed and I jerked awake in time to make eye contact with Cole. The look on his face was utter shock. A second later he was back out the door. Luckily taking the tips of former me was wearing full workout gear, perfect for chasing after someone who didn’t want to be caught. I chased him two blocks before I became too winded to keep up, he was too fast.

I shouted, “Cole! Please, just stop!”

Cole ran for another few feet before slowing to a halt. I managed to breathlessly jog a few feet closer but still kept a good 20 feet between us.

“I know you’re Cole, even if I don’t have actual memories of you, I know who you are.”

“You shouldn’t.” He said with an edge to his voice, “You shouldn’t know who I am at all.”

“Well, I do. I have an idea what happened too, but not the details. What… What was my accident?”

“Accident? Only ‘accident’ you had was meeting me.” Cole finally turned around and looked me in the eyes.

“But you saved me.”

“I saved you only to get you involved in something you had no business in getting involved in. I was stupid, I should have just taken care of you the first time as deep as I did this time. Please stop trying to find me.”

“Clearly that won’t work. I keep finding you. I will keep finding you. Just tell me what happened.” I took a step forward and reached out a hand towards him. His eyes locked with mine before he shook his head and turned and ran. I tried to follow but it was like he disappeared once he turned the corner only 50 feet away. I stood looking around only to see myself staring back at myself in a mirror in a store front. I sighed and I returned to the cafe to get my things.


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