Dream Sequence of the Time I Forgot. Ch. 8

March 16, 2013

Dear Thomas,

I haven’t had much luck finding Cole, the alleyway isn’t too far from my place, so I’ve been swinging by it every once in awhile (like twice a day…) to see if I can uncover any more clues or spot the mysterious Cole. Maybe I should go around to the local businesses to see if anyone knows him. What do you think?



March 18, 2013

Dear Thomas,

I may have caught a break! And really randomly. I went out for St. Paddy’s Day at a bar a few blocks away and randomly asked a bartender if they knew a hot Indian man named Cole.

I’ve been asking pretty much everyone that I saw that worked in stores and restaurants nearby as I went into them. It wasn’t like I canvassed the neighborhood… so don’t judge.

Harper, the bartender, said she knew someone that sounded like that. She usually saw him get coffee pretty late at night/early morning – what does 2:30am count as? – when she got out of work. She gave me the address of the coffee shop she’s seen a hot Indian man at and went back to work.

Girl Power! First lead! Now to stay up that late in order to catch him! Okay that sounded weird, but yeah. Hopefully this works out.



April 2, 2013

Dear Thomas,

I haven’t slept in well over a week. Staying up and drinking tons of coffee almost two weeks straight turns out to be very tiring. Luckily this coffee shop I have been staking out is amazing. Innanna always seems to know exactly what I need the moment I walk in.

Not sure how much more I can keep it up. So much for Harper saying she sees him all the time. So far I’ve seen Harper and lots of bartenders and cops more than anyone else. Everyone knows me now.

Only Harper, I think, knows why I’m there each night, the rest probably just think I’m a weird loner. Claire voiced her worry for my new nightly habits, Eloise however told me to go for it. However, I believe Eloise said that only because me acting like a total weirdo amuses her. At least both of them like that I found this amazing hole in the wall coffee shop.



April 15, 2013

Dear Tom,

So I finally crashed and didn’t go out two nights ago, I slept deep and hard, and last night when I went in, Harper told me I missed Cole the night before.

She apparently went up and got his name to make sure I wasn’t stalking a random hot Indian guy. He, according to her, refused to give her his number. He said he didn’t have one. If that’s true, that’s pretty damn weird. Who doesn’t have a phone these days? Will have to be more diligent in going regularly.



April 20, 2013

Dear Tom,

FINALLY SUCCESS!!!!! I saw him. I chickened out going up to him, not sure if he saw me and/or recognized me. It has been a couple months. After he got his coffee he left and didn’t hang around so I followed him for a bit. I lost him after about 5 blocks. No idea where he went, he may have gone inside a building before I got around a corner. I wasn’t wearing good shoes for a chase. Next time I shall be ready wearing sneakers.



I’m assuming that was Innanna’s since we already had a Cole sighting there. Maybe Claire and Eloise know for sure. I will ask them later as I needed to find out as much as possible now, and if I stopped every time I had a question I’d never get through it.


April 30, 2013

Dear Tom,

He didn’t show up again until last night, I have a bit of a cheering section at the coffee shop now. Not sure if Harper told or people just saw me follow him, it might have been a combination.

Apparently they are all on the lookout for him now. I did tell them that he saved my life so they know I’m not a total crazy stalker or anything. I managed to follow him closer to ten blocks last night before losing him. It’s like he’s on a patrol or something.

I had to hide a few times to make sure he didn’t see me. Not sure why I don’t just go talk to him, but I get the feeling he won’t actually tell me the truth, hence why I am trying to find out more about him.



May 10, 2013

Dear Tom,

So the past week or so I managed to catch Cole and follow him aways most nights. I figured out he rotates the coffee shops he stops at on his ‘patrol’ for lack of better term thanks to my new late night worker network. I probably should have updated you sooner but there wasn’t anything totally new to report, I’d pick him up at a coffee shop follow him for a while before I lost him. Last night though, something weird happened that I witnessed. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what I think I saw.

I think… I think I saw a demon.

Don’t lose me here. It’s just the best way I could describe it.

It wasn’t a red horned beast from the depths of hell with a pitchfork or anything. But it, well he – as it was definitely male – was beautiful in an alien way. Large eyes, porcelain skin, sort of what people described vampires as but he was most definitely alive, with red eyes, large ears, vicious looking teeth.

I came around a corner and saw Cole confronting him. It did not look like a pleasant conversation. I was tempted to sneak closer to try and hear what they were arguing about, but some primal instinct inside my body held me still.

I felt like a gazelle who had happened upon a lion’s den, I knew instantly that I was in danger if I moved a muscle or made a noise to catch his attention. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest.

I watched unable to move as their argument began to ramp up and slowly words became audible to me. I only picked up a few but the few I picked out were pretty ominus, words like “you could have killed”, “murder”, and “blood”.

My limbs started to allow me to move again so I decided to try to cut my losses and back away, however I managed to step right on a crushed soda can which made a loud grinding noise as it slid on the ground. I looked up and both men were staring at me.

The look in the demon’s eyes, the only way I could describe it is… hungry. I turned and ran. I heard what sounded like a fight behind me but I didn’t look back.

What the fuck is going on? Maybe I


I turned the page but the sentence just cut off there. I must have gotten interrupted, but why didn’t I finish what I was writing? The next entry was a week later and clearly didn’t continue where I had left off. What the fuck was going on?


May 17, 2013

Dear Thomas,

I don’t remember writing to you for some reason but I clearly have as everything is in my handwriting.

Somehow I lost my memories since the dog attack which I only vividly recalled when I read my first entry to you.

I wish I wrote more details on how I found Cole in the first place, now I’ll have to start from scratch. Hopefully I can find this Harper again. Maybe Claire and Eloise know, since they – according to my entries to you – knew I was going out late at night.



Seriously. What the fuck. So I’ve lost memories before? Shit, maybe I didn’t want to meet Cole after all, he doesn’t seem like someone I want to meet. But clearly later on in the most recent journals he and I were friends and talking. I was beginning to feel like I really shouldn’t pursue this further.


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