Worst One Night Stand Ever. Ch. 2

Chapter 2

Gwen stepped out of her bathroom and glared towards the bed where a dirty blonde man sat naked staring at her TV. He was athletic, tanned, and most would think a perfect specimen of a man. But Gwen was annoyed at herself more than him so instantly hated everything about him the moment she woke up. She stepped forward closing the few foot gap from the bathroom to the ‘bedroom’ of the studio. She stopped, crossed her arms and took a deep breath ready to strongly encourage Brody to leave.

“Dude, have you seen this?” Brody said, pointing towards the small flatscreen on her large bureau. She tried to give him her best ‘I’m angry but I have no idea what you’re talking about look’ as she walked over to look at the TV. On the screen a frazzled male news anchor yelled to a young female reporter running in heels on the streets, as the camera swung wildly from side to side.

“Sarah? Can you hear us? What’s happening?!” The anchor yelled.

Suddenly the camera stopped, and pulled back up to see Sarah panting against an alley wall as she peered out into the street. Sarah was a bit wild-eyed and her hair was coming out of her blonde ponytail.  

Sarah looked over to her cameraman,”I think we’re safe for now, George.”

Sarah pat herself down and rearranged her hair to compose herself briefly before looking into the camera. “Can you hear us? Okay. It’s chaos down here. People are running for their lives, as you see. The Police can’t seem to hold them back. The bite. The bite is what brings them back, we think. In any case it’s not safe out here. We witnessed the Police shooting the undead to no effect. One appeared to be killed for good when the head was shot.”

A clanging of a can came from offscreen and Sarah looked quickly out toward the street and the camera swung out to show a mangled man staggering towards them. A man’s voice, George, says, “Sarah, we gotta go now.” And the camera started to back away. Sarah turned to George’s voice then screamed as the camera dropped and went blank.

The feed cut back to the news anchor, who has gone white. He swallowed hard before he said, “Stay inside, everyone. Stay safe. I’m sure the military will come in soon…”

Gwen stepped in front of the TV, blocking the screen from Brody with her hands on her hips, careful to not let her towel slip. She was shaken up from what happened on the TV but she had to think of her own safety first.

“Ok, DUDE, time to go.” Gwen said firmly.

“No way, they said to stay inside.”

“You can stay inside at your own place, this place isn’t big enough for two.” She said as she as she motioned to her tiny apartment. Her kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and closet were all in the same room after all. Gwen picked up his clothes strewn around the floor and tossed them into his lap.

“Get dressed.”

“Come on, babe.”

“No, don’t ‘babe’ me. You don’t even know me, I don’t know you. You need to leave.”

She tried to look as confident as possible, but inside was all butterflies. She didn’t think she could actually force him out, while he wasn’t her type she had to admit he was built, but she had to act like she could force him out. He looked at her, the TV, and then his clothes. Then slowly stood and got dressed. She herded him towards the door once he had his last shoe on and opened the door for him to leave.

“Have a nice life, no need to call.”

Brody gave her a hesitant annoyed look, then stepped out the door and Gwen quickly closed it and let out a sigh. She admitted to herself that she was a bit bitchy, which wasn’t like her at all. It really was the hangover talking mixed with what she saw on the television. If she was going to have to be locked in a small apartment waiting out a zombie invasion her last choice for a roommate was Brody the frat boy.


As Gwen shut the door, she released the tension that she hadn’t realized she had built up in her body. She didn’t want a confrontation, and she was surprised she stood up to him as much as she did. Fully clothed she probably wouldn’t have been able to get up the courage to kick a guy out, but for some reason being mostly naked empowered her to do it. She turned the deadbolt hard to lock the door and stepped back pulling her towel off while walking towards her closet. She pulled out mismatching underwear and put it on. She didn’t really have much matching underwear anyway, only one or two sets to impress a guy long enough before it didn’t matter anymore. No need for anything cute if she’s just going to hole up in her tiny apartment for God only knows how long.

Gwen walked over to her one window. It didn’t have that great of a view, mostly it looked down into a grungy alleyway and brick wall of the building next door with maybe a foot wide view of a normally busy street. Nothing moved, not even the rats that usually scurried around the dumpster, though it was daylight so not as many rats out then.

As she’s about to turn away to get a shirt, she glimpsed a woman ambling down the sidewalk. Gwen leaned against the window to get a better look, but couldn’t see anything more. She reached up and unlocked the window, struggling to push it up. With a grunt it moved and let loose a loud screech as it popped open.

As she leaned out, the woman she spotted jerked towards the screech of the window. That’s when Gwen realized the woman’s expensive looking suit was covered in blood and rips, and she was one of the undead. She stumbled toward where Gwen leaned out of her window looking down. The dead woman started clicking her teeth and reaching up towards Gwen in her second floor flat. Gwen scrambled back inside just as there was a hard banging on her door. She jerked up hitting her head on the window.

“Gwen, please! Let me in! HURRY!” Brody voice desperately called from the hallway.

“Dude, I told you to leave.” Gwen said as she stormed towards her door.

“Gwen. Seriously. LET ME IN NOW!!!”

Brody’s body slams up against her door with a grunt and a shudder. Gwen pauses then looked out her peep hole. A mangled eye stares back at her, then a wide open mouth as it tries to chomp down on what she assumed was Brody.

“Argggrggg. Hurry!!”

Gwen looked around her apartment and grabbed her metal softball bat from her coat closet from her stack of sports equipment. She ran to the door swinging it open with her left, bat ready in her right.

The door swung open and Gwen’s eyes open wide as Brody struggled with a man who was trying extremely hard to eat his face off. Brody is barely holding the man back and grunts with the effort.

Gwen assessed the situation, took a deep breath and stepped up swinging swinging for the fences. Her shiny metal bat hit hard with a sickening crunch, the hungry man dropped to the ground and Brody panted while rubbing at his throat. He took a breath to say Thanks when the man on the floor started to rise.

“Oh shit!” Brody yelled as he scrambled behind Gwen for protection. She glared at him quickly then stepped forward and beat the crap out of the man on the floor until he didn’t rise again.

“Seriously?” Gwen glared back at Brody. “This is why you don’t spend the night with a one-nighter.”

“Who said it was a one-nighter?”

“You seriously think THIS might have happened otherwise?” She said raising her eyebrows and motioning between the two of them.

They both jerked towards the end of the hallway with the sound of a groan and footsteps coming towards them. Brody grabbed Gwen and pulled her inside as two more infected turned the corner and he slammed the door shut.

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