Dream Sequence of the Time I Forgot. Ch. 4


August 21, 2016

Hey Tommy,

I met with Cole again today. He showed me a history of the Wild Hunt that he finally dug out of his family’s library in India. Took him long enough to find it.

It’s crazy that it was coming. It was hard to wrap my head around it.  The Court could always cover up it in the past, but with social media and cameras everywhere, how will they be able to explain it?

You know I’ve been gathering the ingredients for the apartment wards so we should be safe here as long as I can convince the girls to stay in. Shouldn’t be too hard. Though according to the history the Wild hunt can be somewhat unpredictable on what night they come, they may all tumble out into our world the moment they can or they will wait for more numbers. We just know the veil is thinner on solstices, but once the ban is up the floodgates could open at any time.

Anyway best to prepare as best as possible. I got my talismans done already for personal protection. Plus they are super cute.  I may already be wearing one…never can be too careful… or glamorous. TTYL – Sarah.


Wild Hunt? Talismans? What the Hell? I flipped forward and there were journal entries just about once a week up until the week before my accident. All apparently similar fantastical journals. I put it down and picked up Jennifer and flipped her open at random.


April 16, 2016

Dear Jennifer,

I have a bit of a steamy story to tell you. I was sitting at my desk doing some work on my computer when a hand fell on my shoulder. I turned to see that Cole seemed to come out of nowhere grinning down at me. He stuck his hand down my shirt, skin on skin, and leaned down to rub his stubbly face against my neck. He squeezed my breast and proceeded to distract me from work. I didn’t even know he was at my home at the time.

After the initial shock I swung my chair around to look at him face to face. He was only wearing my wookie bathrobe fully open in the front. I reached forward and stood rubbing myself against him. He leaned forward and yanked off my shirt. He flipped the straps of my bra down my arms and yanked the bra lose while burying his face into my cleavage.

It was amazing, he was amazing. His lips slowly moved downward to make me moan more, I slide down to the floor as my legs couldn’t hold me upright anymore. My legs free of holding me up pulled him into me tight again. I grabbed a fist full of his hair to pull him even closer. It was an awesome afternoon delight. I leaned back panting hard as he looked down to me smiling.



I slammed the journal shut, blushing. That was not what I expected to see first off opening Jennifer. It was clearly my handwriting, but seriously? When did I start writing so… pornographically?

I wasn’t completely sure that was something that had actually happened. I didn’t usually go into that much detail when things actually happened. I did find a wookie robe when I ransacked my room, so at least that part is true. I usually will just tell Jennifer I got laid, without actual details beyond “boy was he big!” or the opposite. Who the hell was this Cole?

I never had a Cole come visit me in the hospital  that I could remember, but at the same time I was almost certain he was the male nurse who was with me when I woke up. Though to be honest I don’t trust what i remember when I first woke up, I was still very out of it. I very well could have imagined his face, I definitely didn’t see him again until the coffee shop.

I pulled out my phone and scrolled through the contacts just in case but didn’t see a Cole listed. There were very few names I recognized that weren’t my family or current roommates.

I know it’d been ten years but it seems like some people I knew back then would have lasted through the years.

I pulled up my social media accounts that Eloise had showed me the very basics for already but didn’t find a Cole that might be that…guy. So there was a very good chance this was just a smutty fantasy of a random guy I met named Cole that also happens to be part of my theoretical fantasy novel?

I thought reading my journals would give me an idea of what I did the past ten years. I did occasionally have a habit of writing fantasies out but usually to William, but without knowing the context I may end up saying something that I only fantasized about, or think something was a fantasy and it actually happened.

Amnesia sucks. I knew I was going to completely embarrass myself more than once with these journals. Maybe I should just toss them out completely.

In a way I was given a fresh start, why not make it a complete fresh start? Okay, maybe I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. Completely starting from scratch might be a little too scary.

But what if all the journals were like this? What if I don’t know what’s exaggeration, what’s real, and what’s random thoughts I put down to vent my sexual frustrations? I’m not sure if I should just throw them all out and start anew. Though they could warn me if I have done something stupid in the past or already got shot down by a guy. I really feel like either way I’m going to be paranoid.

I put the journals back into the ottoman and closed the lid. For now I’ll leave them be, maybe tomorrow I will tackle reading them from the beginning. I just knew I wasn’t ready now.

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