Wild Hunt

14875414_10101474580395935_1007943884_nFor Nanowrimo this year I’m working on a story with the Wild Hunt as the center of it. The Wild Hunt happens once a century when the Unseelie run rampant around heavily populated areas devouring mortals and their essence to sustain them until the next hunt. Where the hunt appears each time is seemingly random. However its not random where the hunt appears, the Hunt portal is lured to a high population area where mortals are more likely to be caught outside and unsafe. In old times everything was so spread out that word wouldn’t get out about the hunts and people were actually afraid of the night. Now in modern times the fear of night is much less with electricity and most of the supernatural stories are considered myths only. What most humans don’t know is, is the Fae, or more specifically the Seelie, have been living among them and intermingling for quite some time. 

When Fae mix with humans it creates new random breeds of supernatural beings, that’s where the various shapeshifters/weres/witches come from. The Seelie court has been preparing for the past decade for the upcoming Wild Hunt, this hunt is the one most likely to expose the supernatural community more than any other in the past.

Aiden is a cop, but he’s not just any cop, he’s mostly Fae. He’s also part of the elite Fae rangers who safeguard humanity and hide the supernatural world from the unsuspecting humans.

Raina is one of those unsuspecting humans who adores the supernatural and fantasy realms and is ready to get out and celebrate her favorite holiday of the year, Halloween, which also is the most likely date for the Wild Hunt…

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